Packing your bags up and moving to work abroad may feel daunting and people often don’t know where to begin to plan for such a lifestyle change. It is important to understand that with the correct planning and preparation, moving abroad to work is exciting and full of amazing opportunities that could change your life forever.



Research Your Destination

The complexity of such a big move can often leave you feeling like a small fish in a big ocean. Seeking advice of family, friends and immigration lawyers or people that have made the big move themselves is very important. Depending on where you are relocating, choosing where to live is the most important choice you can make and will determine your happiness and comfortability with your new lifestyle. Be sure to do your research on the are that you are planning to move to before making any permanent commitments that you don’t want to regret.


Reserve Money

Although money is never a fun topic to discuss, it is crucial you begin saving up way ahead of your move. Most landlords will require you to pay a deposit and you will have to purchase everything you need to live when you have arrived.


Employment Rights

It sounds obvious, but it is important that you learn and understand your rights as an employee. When working abroad you can be faced with many significant challenges, so it is crucial that you learn what you are entitled to and what you can do when an employer oversteps their legal boundaries.



You may not be relocating to somewhere with a change in language but if you are, it is a good idea to begin learning the local language prior to your move to make it easier to communicate with residents when you are there. There is nothing worse than being on your own in a new place and not being able to ask for help. A second language is also great to add to your CV and can open doors to a whole load of opportunities.


Paperwork Prep

Before leaving, ensure you have all the paperwork you need for your new job and keep it organized and safe in a file. You will need degree certificates, references, statement of services, resumes and police checks. Do not forget your passport and another form of identification as well as your visa. A bank statement is always a good document to have handy in order to prove ties with your home address and country. You never know when you will need such documents so having them ready is beneficial to avoid any complications and unneeded stress.


Build Relationships

Take advantage of a world that is dependent on social media. There are many social media sites that allow you to connect with people from all over the world. Connecting with your potential colleges or local residents is a great way to break the ice and build friendships prior to your arrival. This is bound to calm some nerves and make you feel more comfortable. It is also a great way to ensure you won’t face any cultural shocks.