Taking on the Secretary Tasks

The secretary for my company suddenly passed away one day and I needed to hire someone to fill her shoes. One of my workers suggested that corporate secretarial services – Free Incorp Singapore would be the best option, because we would be able to get someone to do the secretary work in less time than it would take to go through a hiring process. My need for someone to handle all of the secretary tasks that my old corporate secretary would handle was urgent, so I decided to go with the suggestion.

The company was able to provide me with just the person I needed to handle all of the secretary duties. Her first task was a filing task to gauge just how well she would be able to handle the work, and she did it efficiently. She was faster at the job than the old secretary was, which was amazing. The old secretary did a great job, and everyone at the office misses her, but it’s nice to have someone that can keep up with the way she was able to do things and even go past her efforts. That test told me that the new secretary would be a great fit.

It’s been a few months since the new secretary took up the duties of the old one, and she continues to do a great job here. If anything happens to this secretary, I’ll be sure to call the same company that gave me one before so I can get another one. I should have been prepared for something like this the last time, but I didn’t expect it. I though that the secretary would only leave when she was ready to retire, but death wasn’t something that crossed my mind, and I don’t think anyone else in the office saw it coming.