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Everything You Need to Know About Wood Flooring

Among the many flooring options that you can get for your home or any property for that matter, wood flooring stands out the most. There is just something warm, formal, and beautiful about wood floors that make them idea for any room. Their being affordable and eco-friendly are the two other benefits that you can get from choosing such flooring option. The varieties of wood flooring are also many that you will be choosing from. You will never have a hard time maintaining wood floors. Furthermore, wood floors also have the ability to increase the value of your home making them the perfect investment. These days, your design options of wood flooring are many from the intricate ones to the more customized ones. Such variety in designs can be made possible with some medallions, borders, painting, hand-distressing, stain, mixed media, and exotic wood. This article will serve as a buyer’s guide to wood flooring.

Among the many wood flooring options out there, be sure to take note a few stuff that will let you find the right one for you. As expected, the budget for your wood flooring is the first thing that you have to consider. Be sure to assess what kind of wood you want to use, what design or style you want, how much traffic the place where you have your wood floors installed will be having, the color of your furniture and walls, what maintenance measures you must consider, and so on. Another consideration includes the length of time that your wooden floors will be properly installed. In addition, make sure that when you hire a contractor to do the job for you, they are fully licensed and will offer you guarantees and warranties.

For your wood flooring, take note that you have a wide selection of styles, types, cuts, grades, and species to choose from. In terms of cuts, you have the riftsawn, quarter sawn, and plainsawn variants. First, second, third, select, common, and clear are your grade options for your wood flooring. Parquet is one example wood flooring style where various flooring pieces are put together to form a geometric design. You also have the plank hardwood flooring where wider and linear planks of wood are used. If you want wood flooring to not be as wide but still linear, you can go for strip style. When it comes to your wood floor types, you can choose from solid wood floors, unfinished wood floors, pre-finished wood floors, acrylic impregnated wood floors, and engineered wood floors. Glued, floated, and nail/stapled are your different options of wood floors as well based on how they will be installed. The colors, dimensions, and patterns that you choose for your wood floors also help to keep them as unique and personalized as they can be.

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